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Ceiling – all types. Carpentry West Coast.

When it comes to types of ceiling available in the market, there are various options. The vast range includes the conventional ceiling which is basically a low, flat ceiling that is easy to decorate, suspended or false ceiling which hangs from the original ceiling and is made of a much lighter material, coffered ceilings which are more like the conventional ones except they have a waffle like checkered pattern which give the room an artsy look. Other types include cove ceilings which give an extra support to the point where ceiling and the walls meet and the very common cathedral ceiling which is sloping equally from both sides and forms an inverted V. Carpentry West Coast & Western Cape areas.


Partitioning is a very common way to divide spaces into more parts and the advantage is that it doesn’t have to be installed at the time of construction and can be done later. Wooden partitions usually include a typical fixed wooden partition or a portable partition which can be folded and carried around.

Roof Timber & Metal

All over, for industrial uses and residential, roofs are usually made of metal or wood. Whereas timber roofs give more of an artsy look to the area and also environmentally friendly, they tend to rot quickly and be a victim to insect invasions. On the other hand metal roofs are more practical as they last up to 40-70 years and require minimum maintenance.


Decking is a process which uses wooden planks and panel to beautify an area or hide the unpleasant or dull sites. Typically the decked area can be turned into a patio or just a seating area in a garden, beside a pool or even at roof tops.

Laminated flooring

Laminated flooring is a type of a flooring which has layers of synthetic wooden material neatly laid on the floor and covered with lamination which is barely seen by the naked eye. Since it is pressed wood, it resists scratches, moisture, wear and tear and is comparatively easier to clean.


Wooden platforms are sheets of skilfully joined processed wooden planks. They can be placed in the backyards to either give the floor a height or somet stability and also on beds to provide them with a stronger base.


It’s impossible to miss the wooden cabinets as they exist in almost every household in bedrooms, living areas, dining areas and mostly kitchens. The best part of the wooden cabinets is that they can be designed as desired and can be installed long after construction too.

Hanging doors

Hanging doors are the ones which are attached to the wall with metal hinges and is the most common way of attaching doors to the wall. In comparison to sliding doors, hanging doors are more convenient to use and need no maintenance accept very rare oiling of the hinges.

Skirting’s & Cornices

Skirting is the additional lining of plaster or wood along the joint where the floor meet and on the other hand a cornice is the same thing at the joint of the wall and the ceiling. While cornice is more for decorative purposes and to hide any unevenness, skirting looks beautiful and more importantly is a barrier between the wall and any threats like furniture or any kicks that might harm the wall.

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