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Brickwork is a construction using bricks and on the other hand block work is used for the same purposes but using blocks of concrete. Whereas brickwork is considered beautiful and is left exposed at times, block work is usually rendered and used for more heavy duty and sustainable purposes.

Plasters & Screen work


Paving is the process of laying the stones to make the surface flat and is usually made for easier walking. Paving is preferred because it is more durable in comparison to other methods and is cost effective as no additional machinery or expertise is required.


Potholes are small underground caves either formed on the ground and sometimes on the roads due to wear and tear. The most common way to fill the potholes is by adding soil or cold asphalt to prevent harm or further deterioration.

Rd Marking, Barriers & Signs

Road Marketing is when companies want to target the vehicle owners or pedestrians using the road networks and do subtle advertisements but sponsoring barriers and signs so their name just sits at the back of the audience’s mind whenever they use or even cross those barriers and signs.

Demolition work

Demolition means completely tearing the building down without any intention to preserve any part of it. Demolition can be done when new construction is needed and the land is not enough or when the building is new or animal infested. The most common demolition techniques include demolishing with the heavy ball, a bulldozer or by explosion.

Core drilling

Core drill is a drill which is of cylindrical shape and drills through surface to excavate all the material which is left inside the hollow cylinder. Core drilling methods use steel or blades to bore a hole in the ground or any hardened surface. Though this method is more costly, it is preferred since the cuttings remain inside the cylindrical rod.

Form work

During construction you must have seen liquid concrete being poured into wooden or metal molds to be hardened into a specific shape. This practice if called formwork. If the molds are wooden they are temporary. This method is widely used to make concrete blocks and pillars of all shapes and sizes.


When it comes to using tiles, there is a vast variety available in the market of all shapes and sizes. This enables the consumer to use tiles anywhere from kitchen walls to bathroom to porches and even swimming pools.


Carports are one of the most common features of houses mostly and also are extremely convenient to build and maintain. It consists of four posts and a ceiling and is more of a DIY project. It is mostly used as a shelter for cars.


Earthwork is something we see around us all the time. It is the disturbance of natural layer of soil which can be due to various reasons like excavation, tunnelling or restoration projects. Though the disturbance is usually settled by the same group that has caused it, it does leave a long lasting damage on the environment.


Painting is of various kinds but the one related to construction business is done on a large scale to buildings, bridges, walls and other massive structures. There are people who specialize in such work and are known as construction painters.


Renovation literally means remodelling a building and is usually done in cases where a structure is either extremely damaged or is outdated enough to need a new face. Renovations can be done on all scales, industrial and residential.

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We offer a wide variety of services ranging from Plumbing, Carpentry, Civil, Hiring and Engineering Solutions.

No project is too big or too small for AA Works. Contact us if you need a specific service that we might not have mentioned. AA Works was founded by Mr Andre Pretorius in 2008 and mainly focus on large residential and industrial developments in the West Coast and surrounding areas such as Cape Town.  AA works has a great track record of extremely happy repeating clients. We pride ourselves in delivering an all round professional service, outstanding quality of product and within an affordable budget framework. AA Works has been founded and is been regulated within the framework of the Companies Act of South Africa and we comply with all statutory requirements.

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