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West Coast Engineering has many branches. Industrial engineering covers many areas like countering and minimizing the waste of various factors of production; resources, money and man-power to increase the production efficiency.


Marine engineers are responsible for repair and maintenance of all the marine vessels and equipment used off shore and in the water. They are involved at every step from the beginning as marine engineers also work with the marine architects to design the vessels.


Pipe engineering is a term unheard by many and requires sharp expertise. Pipe engineering is mostly required in oil and gas companies and these engineers are responsible for constructing or procuring the right pipes, installing and taking the right maintenance measures.



Structural Engineers, as their designation suggests are responsible to start infrastructure and architecture from scratch, planning their structure.

AA Works is a One-Stop Engineering Solutions in the West Coast

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from Plumbing, Carpentry, Civil, Hiring and West Coast Engineering Solutions.

No project is too big or too small for AA Works. Contact us if you need a specific service that we might not have mentioned. AA Works was founded by Mr Andre Pretorius in 2008 and mainly focuses on large residential and industrial developments. AA works has a great track record of extremely happy repeating clients. We pride ourselves in delivering an all round professional service, outstanding quality of product and within an affordable budget framework. AA Works has been founded and is been regulated within the framework of the Companies Act of South Africa and complies with all statutory requirements.

Here are some of our other services we offer:

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