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West Coast Plumbing

Installations, Maintenance, Alterations

West Coast plumbing installations are anything that assist in the smooth flow or control the flow of water and include drainage pipes, pipes that are installed during construction of the building and other fittings like sinks, bathtubs and dishwashers. These installations have a constant need to be maintained, mostly to be cleaned of all the debris that build over time. However these installation often become outdated and new technology takes over, thus, alterations need to be made after a few years.

Drainage – Unblocking, Installation, Roof Cutting & Water Jetting

Drainage is important to avoid waterlogging in houses or larger areas. The drainage systems need a constant check to unblock the system and remove the rubble to achieve maximum efficiency of the system. Pipe installations are an essential part of drainage system as they help water to leave through a specific channel. An example of drainage system is the network of pipes which come down from the roof to clear the stagnant water on it. The point on the roof is installed by roof cutting and that where the rest of the drainage system begins from.

Leak detection

Leak detection is process usually done to check for leakage of liquid or gases from the pipelines. The most common ways of leak detection include hydrostatic test which involves putting dyed water in the pipes for a more visual detection.

Industrial (West Coast Plumbing)

Industrial plumbing is a more heavy duty version of the residential plumbing. Owing to the heavy use of the industrial installations, the plumbing fitting and fixtures should be more sustainable in comparison.

Geyser/Boilers – Repairs and Installations

Geyser and boilers are both very effective when it comes to heating water. However proper installation is very important to ensure efficiency and factors like space. Firm wall structure and safe electrical connection should be taken care of at installation. Like other installations geysers/boilers also need regular repairing in order to avoid issues like low water pressure, leakage and noises form the installation.

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No project is too big or too small for AA Works. Contact us if you need a specific service that we might not have mentioned. AA Works was founded by Mr Andre Pretorius in 2008. Main focusing on large residential and industrial developments in the West Coast and surrounding areas such as Cape Town. AA works has a great track record of extremely happy repeating clients. We pride ourselves in delivering an all round professional service, outstanding quality of product and within an affordable budget framework. AA Works has been regulated within the framework of the Companies Act of South Africa and complies with all statutory requirements.

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